Most people enjoy receiving a flower arrangement, but all too often, they are only sent on specific occasions, such as a birthday, wedding anniversary, or when someone passes away. Here are four additional special events you can brighten someone's day with a fabulous floral arrangement.

1. A Loved One Purchased Their First Home

Buying your first home is a major life event. While the happy homeowner may throw a housewarming party to celebrate the event and receive gifts that aid homemaking, nothing will add as much beauty as a floral arrangement.

Work with local flower services to choose flowers that are long-lasting. You can even ask the florist to use flowers that will dry nicely. This will allow the new homeowner to enjoy the composition for a long time to come.

2. A Loved One Had a New Baby

Having a new baby is an incredibly exciting life event. But usually, the only gifts given are for the baby. Mom deserves some special acknowledgment as well. After all, she just performed the amazing feat of bringing life into the world. Plus, it's not uncommon for mothers who have just given birth to have a bit of the baby blues. A floral arrangement will recognize her contribution and provide a bit of extra cheer.

Don't forget Dad, either. Most floral designers are capable of producing a spectacular arrangement that has a masculine feel to it. New fathers need as much love and support during this pivotal change of life as much as new moms.

3. A Loved One Graduated from School

Whether a child graduated from middle school, a teen graduated from high school, or an adult student graduated from college, it's a reason to celebrate. Let your special someone know you are proud of them and recognize their hard work and dedication by sending them a flower arrangement to commemorate the big event.

4. A Loved One Got a New Job

Whether it is the first job out of college in their chosen career or someone received a major promotion, sending flowers is a great way to acknowledge their achievement. And while you could send the flowers to their home, consider sending them to their place of employment instead.

A joyful flower arrangement accompanied by a note expressing congratulations and your confidence in them and their ability to do the job or transition into their new career will make their day and help alleviate first day jitters.