You want to welcome your new neighbors to your area with a lovely gift, and flowers are sure to please. You want to come across as friendly and not overbearing and the right bouquet will get your message across nicely. Call your florist to arrange for pretty blooms to be taken to your new neighbors and use this guide to make the experience great for everyone.

Use simple blooms

You want your neighbors to feel grateful for your floral gift, not obligated to give you something in return. To avoid overwhelming your new neighbors while still welcoming them to the area, use simple blooms, like daisies, baby's breath, carnations, and other recognizable blooms in cheerful colors to create a welcoming message they'll love.

Include a small gift

Be it a balloon, small stuffed animal, box of chocolates, or a simple gift basket, include a small gift along with the blooms you send to your new neighbors. This way, long after the flowers have wilted, your neighbors can enjoy a little keepsake. If your neighbors have kids, your gift may be centered around children, such as candy or small toys, so the adults can enjoy the flowers while the young ones get a special treat as well.

Deliver the blooms yourself

Most florists will deliver flowers for you as part of their service, but you want to deliver flowers yourself to your new neighbors. This way, your neighbors will get to meet you face-to-face and put a face to the name on the card. When you have flowers delivered, the gesture is welcoming, but your neighbors may be confused about who actually sent the flowers because they haven't learned who you are yet.

An exception to the delivery rule is this: you can put a statement inside the card that explains who you are, such as "from your neighbors in the red house" or some other message that identifies you personally. This is an option if you want to introduce yourself indirectly to your new neighbors or have other reasons for not delivering flowers to them personally.

Flowers are always a welcome treat and for new neighbors, can help reduce the anxiety and stress of moving. Your small gesture can help build a potential friendship with new people in your area. Your florist will help you select blooms that will make your neighbors smile and give you a sense of satisfaction in your purchase.