If your friend is sick and in the hospital, reaching out to them can really make their day and help make them feel special and cared for. If you can't make the trip to the hospital in person, the next best thing that you can do is to have get well flowers delivered to their hospital room. Most florists recommend against sending fragrant floral bouquets, like ones that contain lilies and lilacs, and lean more towards bright and cheery bouquets that are less fragrant, like ones that feature sunflowers or daffodils. Once you've chosen the right floral arrangement, consider these 3 tips that will help add a personal touch.

Check Hospital Delivery Hours or When Your Friend Will Be At Their Room

Seeing the flowers get delivered can really bring a smile to one's face. If you're keen on sending flowers to your friend's room, make sure that you check what the hospital delivery hours may be. In addition, you should check with your friend or their family members to see when they will be available and in their rooms. Organize the delivery time, so that your friend can receive the delivery in-person.

Upgrade to a Custom Vase for Convenience and for Practicality

Don't settle for just an ordinary floral arrangement. Instead, look for ones that come with custom vases. Flowers that are arranged in a vase are more likely to last a longer time. It also makes everyone's job easier, as nurses and family members of the sick won't have to scramble around looking for one. You can easily add a personal touch by looking for a custom vase that reminds your friend of you. For example, a fun vase with smiley faces on it can really lift the recipient's mood.

Attach a Personal Message

If you're good with words, you can easily add a personal touch by including a message or a letter with the delivery of the get well flowers. You can either drop off a handwritten note or letter at the floral shop, or you can include a specific message to be printed on a card that will be attached to the arrangement. Some floral shops will even write your message for you on a card of your choice.


You'd be surprised at just how glum hospital rooms can be. Sending get well flowers to your friend's hospital room with a personal touch can help them get through a tough time in their lives, especially if they need to undergo a surgical procedure. Let them know that they are in your heart and in your mind, so that they don't feel as alone.