Ever wonder how flower stores make those beautiful flower arrangements? Their flowers never look like they're sagging or falling over and they are always placed perfectly. So why is it when you try to make your own flower arrangement they always look droopy, uneven and mismatched? You can create florist-beautiful flower arrangements at home by following the tips below for creative arrangements.

Floating Flowers

Make a floating flower arrangement using a large open fish-bowl type of bowl and fill it half-way with room temperature water. Keep the flowers up and floating for days using bubble wrap around the base of the flower and around the stem (cut back the stem so only about an inch is showing). The bubble wrap will help keep the flowers afloat and you won't even see the bubble wrap. 

Fall Pumpkin Flower Vase

Use a pumpkin as your vase in the fall to create a beautiful centerpiece. Cut a hole in the top of the pumpkin and take out the contents of the pumpkin. Then place a large empty and clean can inside the pumpkin. Put a little bit of water inside the can, trim the stems of the flowers and add them to the can (you can use fake flowers instead of real if you want, no water is necessary for fake). In the summer you can use a head of cabbage or even a watermelon for the same type of look. 

String Art Vase

Using a piece of barnwood (or new wood made to look old), create a vase out of string and small trim nails. Trace a mason jar onto the wood, then hammer in the nails along the traced lines, and then add your string, wrapping it around the nails as you move along. Finally, add some fake flowers (such as hydrangeas, daisies or sunflowers) to the "vase"  by hot gluing them on above the string so it looks like a vase holding flowers. Hang the artwork on your wall, or allow it to lean on a shelf.

When making flower arrangements in a vase, tape lines across the top of the vase to create a grid pattern. Add your flowers to the holes in the grid tape lines, which helps hold your flowers in place. Add greenery or filler first around the outer edges, then add your flowers to the center. Fill any empty spaces with more greenery. Using a variety of flowers mixed with greenery helps to give your arrangement texture and added pops of color.

Have fun with your arrangements and experiment with both real and fake flowers. Get the flowers you want from your local flower store.