Are you planning your upcoming wedding? If so, you likely have a lot of big decisions to make. One of the biggest is whether to have silk or natural flowers in your ceremony. While natural flowers are always a nice touch, many silk flowers are so realistic in appearance that your guests may not even tell the difference. And there can be some circumstances in which the silk flowers will actually look much better than natural ones. Your budget should also play a big role in the decision. Here are a few reasons why silk flowers may be the better choice for your wedding:

You're having an outdoor wedding. Your natural flowers will likely look great when they're brought into your ceremony and reception. However, if you're having an outdoor wedding, they may not look too good later in the evening. That's especially true if you may have warm weather. That warm air could cause the flowers to wilt quickly, leaving you with droopy, unappealing flowers just as your reception is getting underway. You likely don't want that kind of look in the background of your wedding photos.

With silk flowers, you won't have that problem, as they aren't affected by extreme temperatures or any kind of weather condition. You can rest assured that your flowers will look good the whole night through.

You're worried about durability. Natural flowers can be quite delicate. Depending on the flower, it doesn't take much contact for blooms to fall off and for the flower to look less than idea. If your flowers need to be worked into intricate bouquets or if they'll be handled by children during the ceremony or if you're just worried about their condition in general, it may be better to look at silk flowers. The blooms are usually woven tightly into the stem so they aren't damaged easily. That's even true if you have a disgruntled flower girl pulling on her bouquet.

You want hard-to-find flowers on a budget. In some cases, silk flowers are comparable in cost to natural flowers. However, if you want flowers that are in short supply, are out of season, or are just hard to find in your part of the country, then you may find that silk flowers are less expensive. By using silk flowers, you can get an exotic or unique look without busting your budget.

For more information, talk to a florist in your area, such as Primrose and Poppy. They can help you decide whether silk or natural flowers are right for you.