There are some situations that just can't be commemorated without flowers. You might want to send flowers to a funeral or as a congratulations for someone who has had a baby, for example. Although you might love the idea of making this gesture, however, you might not love the impact that it will have on your wallet. It's true that ordering floral arrangements for a gift can be expensive, but there are ways to order the perfect arrangement while saving money. Follow these tips to keep some of your cash in your pocket while still ordering a great gift.

Opt for Seasonal Flowers

You can usually choose from lots of different types of flowers when you order them. However, if you opt for seasonal flowers, you can generally get a better deal on them. Plus, a nice seasonal bouquet makes a great gift. Ask your florist for a seasonal arrangement for the best price.

Skip Some of the Extras

You can usually upgrade your gift by choosing a nicer vase or asking to have a teddy bear or other stuffed animal included. These can be nice touches, but they usually aren't necessary. A nice flower arrangement should be a great enough gift that it can stand on its own, and avoiding the extras will allow the focus to stay on the flowers. Plus, these little extras can really add up.

Keep it Simple

Sometimes a simple flower arrangement can be better. Baby's breath and greenery make inexpensive fillers, but when added to an arrangement with a few nice flowers, they can really complement the arrangement, Plus, asking for a bouquet with a lot of fillers can keep prices low while making the arrangement look a lot more substantial. For example, you can ask for three simple roses that are arranged with greenery and baby's breath -- it'll be a lot cheaper than buying a dozen roses but will still look great.

Deliver it Yourself

In some cases, you have to opt for delivery services. However, if you have the time and are able to, consider dropping off the flowers yourself. It'll be a great, personal gesture to do so, and you can save on delivery fees.

As you can see, you can definitely buy a nice floral arrangement (from florists like Fasan Florist) as a gift for someone close to you without spending a fortune. Follow these tips, and you might be surprised by how cheap your next arrangement might be.