You may be so happy to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers, until you start to worry about how you'll keep the blooms alive. If you are concerned that your gorgeous plants are going to wilt, use the following ideas to help them last.

Trim the Stems

The flowers that have been delivered to your home have come a long way to get to you. By the time you are ready to put them in a vase with water, the cells at the bottom of the stem have started to die off. That makes it difficult for the stem to absorb water and hydrate your flowers.

To fix this problem, trim the stems. You don't have to cut a lot, just enough to expose some fresh, living cells that can more readily soak up water.

Make Sure the Vase is Clean

If you are like many people, when you're done with a flower bouquet, you simply empty the vase of water and put it away. However, it's important to remember that bacteria may thrive in vases that have not been adequately cleaned. Then, when you put a new bouquet in the vase, bacteria is waiting to harm your flowers.

Every time you are finished using a vase, clean it with hot soapy water. You might even choose to clean the vase in a dishwasher. When you have a new bouquet, only use a vase that you know has been cleaned thoroughly.

Don't Put Them in Sunlight

After putting your flowers in a vase, you might want to put them on a windowsill where they will receive a lot of sun. However, this could be a mistake. The sun will cause your flowers to continue to mature, which might make them die more quickly. Instead, put your flowers in your living room, bedroom or somewhere else where they won't be subjected to much sun or heat.

Avoid Putting Flowers Near Fruit

You may set your flowers near fruit on a kitchen counter or coffee table without realizing there may be a problem. As some fruits, such as apples and bananas, ripen, they produce a gaseous hormone called ethylene. Known as "the ripening hormone," ethylene can accelerate the aging process. If your flowers are near fruit, they may be exposed to ethylene and their petals may fall off prematurely as a result.

Use the tips above to help you enjoy your flowers for a longer time. For more information about how to preserve your flowers, contact the flower delivery service, such as Rouvalis Flowers and Garden, that delivered your bouquet. They may be able to give you more specific information about how to take care of your particular blooms.